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Sally is delighted to announce the publication of a new book, co-authored with Paul Smith, recent past Chair of Eversheds Sutherland. 

The Real Deal: Law Firm Leadership that Works 

now available from

Also on sale at Amazon, many online sellers and legal book shops. 


Building on the lessons of experience, combined with the voices of clients and the predictions of industry and academic experts, this book tackles the key issues that all current and emerging law firm heads must conquer if their firms are to thrive. 


Effective leadership is unrelenting hard work, founded not on what you are or know, but on what you say and do.  The Real Deal really does offer the insights and tools for law firm leadership that works. It's the comprehensive, readable, and accessible manual that previous generations of lawyers would have wanted - and for which future generations will be grateful. 
Professor Stephen Mayson, Faculty of Laws, University College London

For current and aspiring leaders in law firms, I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. Rooted in rich experience, every page is packed with practical guidance and deep insight. This is a work that should be compulsory reading for law firm boards everywhere.
Professor Richard Susskind OBE, Universities of Oxford and Strathclyde and author of Tomorrow's Lawyers

The Real Deal's practical and level-headed approach really rings true.  Defining the business of a law firm in relatively simple terms and talking about viable margins of profitability, Smith and Dyson provide practical pointers to the everyday headaches that besiege managing partners...Where the book really scores highly in my opinion is the sections marked with Smith and Dyson's personal perspectives...often humorous and always straightforward and practical advice for the managing partner faced with any particular dilemma...An invaluable contribution to the sparse literature surrounding the business of law.
Patrick Dransfield, Publishing Director, Asian-Mena Counsel Magazine


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